Legacy vs. Cloud Systems, Existing vs. New Data, Mobile vs. Desktop. Physical vs. Cloud Infrastructure. The number of integration points seemingly increases exponentially on a yearly basis.

In this environment:

  • The traditional ‘point-to-point’ solution, where each major system talks to the others when needed fails. Why? It’s a nightmare to design, implement, maintain and update to the extent that it becomes a competitive disadvantage.
  • Focusing on integration and the development of an integration layer, whilst often not seen as sexy from an IT perspective, can drive simplification, flexibility and a distinct competitive advantage. How? By allowing each interface to connect once, by allowing the integration layer to be updated when a system is upgraded or installed, by the reuse of existing integration interfaces etc.

Our Integration experience crosses systems, data, environment and infrastructure allowing us to create specific solutions for our customers. Whether on-premise, in the Cloud, or a hybrid, we’re able to design and implement a solution to meet your needs.

CloudFirst Delivers:

Bespoke Customer-led Solutions
Supplier Agnostic Advice
Cross-industry Integration Experience
Integrations across data, applications and infrastructure
World-class Technology Support
Visibility with a open non silo approach

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