CloudFirst - your Competitive Advantage

Our Experience

  • CloudFirst is in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners Globally.
  • Our history, skills and experience with Microsoft Cloud technologies Office 365 and Azure are the best in the business. In fact our team was involved in the first Office 365 enterprise rollout in the southern hemisphere.
  • At CloudFirst we practice what we preach. We don’t own a server. We consume Microsoft cloud services and we get the benefits of the productivity that Microsoft provides as part of its Office 365 platform.
  • We have over 20+ years working on exclusive panels and advisory councils with Microsoft internationally giving us unparalleled market insights that are shared exclusively with our customers.

Our Culture

  • We are a team from diverse backgrounds with a range
    of complimentary skills, joined in a common belief: look to the CloudFirst.
  • We’re excited by the fact that the cloud makes outcomes easier. The market has always wanted productivity but the experience has been about the tech, not the outcome.
  • We like to be disruptors, we embrace the change that is occurring in business technology and challenge the status quo if it is holding business back.
  • We’re proud to be considered one of the most successful Cloud practices in Australia.

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Let CloudFirst be your competitive advantage.